Herbalife Ingredients Are Good, Down to the DNA – They Checked

Herbalife Nutrition puts quality at the center of everything it does. This includes sourcing raw materials to produce high-quality Herbalife ingredients. Herbalife puts its products through numerous tests and rigorous quality control based on regulatory, scientific and internal standards. The company refers to this as a Seed to Feed philosophy.

Millions of customers count on the company to continuously improve its manufacturing and quality control efforts. And the company has done its best to go above and beyond those expectations.

high-quality Herbalife ingredients

How Herbalife Verifies Its Botanicals

Herbalife keeps an eye on ingredients from the moment they’re planted in the ground. Company scientists and quality assurance technicians use DNA technology to evaluate plant-based ingredients. This focused process gives scientists a deep look into what the ingredients are made of. Through the use of molecular diagnostic tests, these professionals make sure that products shipped to clients hold up to close scrutiny.

Does this seem rather complicated for typical product testing? The company wants to protect customers in any way that it can. That includes ensuring pathogens do not hitch a ride on products to make customers sick. In order to do this thoroughly, Herbalife studies ingredients on a molecular level.

Herbalife Nutrition works with the NHP Research Alliance to verify botanicals in its nutritional supplements on the most fundamental scale. The NHP Research Alliance is committed to sustainability and bio authentication.

Learning More About Herbalife Ingredients

Herbalife is interested in NHP’s efforts to archive botanical knowledge. This would enable companies to understand and preserve the qualities of plant-based foods and products. By monitoring samples at every level of food sourcing, botanists can observe changes caused by climate change and other factors. Comparing new samples to the previous one lets scientists measure cumulative impacts on product quality.

The company uses this technology to spot patterns of genetic variations. This data is used to identify ingredients in powders, dried leaves and extracts. DNA testing helps ensure that the correct identifiers are present and verifies the authenticity of tea and other products.

These tools give scientists insights into how plants were sown and provide transparency for consumers who wants to know more about Herbalife ingredients.

DNA Testing

Herbalife is constantly setting new standards for its suppliers. This shows its firm commitment to ensuring that its nutritional supplements and other products remain consistent throughout its global distribution network. The company hopes to expand its DNA testing to on-site labs as part of its standard operating protocols.

This testing would include the following components:

  • DNA primers
  • Sequences
  • Probes
  • Chemical fingerprinting

Herbalife’s Seed to Feed initiative sets high standards for best practices among the global nutrition marketplace. The company verifies the sourcing and manufacturing of its products from beginning to end. This program involves several steps, including the following:

  • Working only with trusted farmers to ensure source quality
  • Sending ingredients directly to manufacturing facilities
  • Testing final products after manufacturing to ensure high quality standards

Herbalife products are stored in monitored warehouses in optimal conditions so that customers receive the best possible nutritional supplements and other Herbalife staples.

DNA Testing Is Making a Difference

Herbalife Nutrition has invested millions of dollars in its quest to set high-quality standards for its products. Herbalife ingredients undergo DNA testing as part of this effort. The molecular authentication of ingredients at multiple touchpoints increases the authenticity of the products that arrive at the distributor’s or customers’ doorsteps. This high standard of quality is the hallmark of Herbalife’s commitment to its customers, and it may help the company succeed for another 40 years.